Is Bobbi Kristina Engaged to Her "Adopted" Brother?

Is Bobbi Kristina Engaged to Her "Adopted" Brother?

What Do You Think?

Speculation is in the air that Bobbi Kristina, daughter of Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston, is dating and possibly even engaged to her "adopted" brother, Nick Gordon.  Nick lived with Whitney and Kristina for approximately 10 years.  Whitney took him in when he was 12 years old because he had an awful home life.  She raised him and Bobbi Kristina together like "brother and sister". 

Sources are confirming that Bobbi Kristina and Nick are close to making their way to the altar.  She has been sporting what appears to be an engagement ring, but her nor Nick have confirmed anything for sure.  Her family disapproves of this relationship and calls it "incestuous".  They feel as though Nick is taking advantage of a grieving young woman who lost the most important person in her life.  They feel like she needs to slow down before she makes any rash decisions, as he could be looking to cash in on her new fortune.

Although Bobbi does not realize it, her family has her best interest in mind.  She on the other hand, does not buy it.  She believes that Nick is there for her and that their relationship is not incestuous since they are not in fact blood related.  She feels like Nick is the only person who truly has her best interest at heart since he knows her the best.

I wonder what Bobby Brown has to say about this?  I know that she is a grown adult, but do you think that her daddy needs to step in and make sure she is not about to jump into something that could change her entire life?  Come on Bobby, do your daughter a favor and let her know you are there.