Confession: I Accidentally Watched "Two and a Half Men"

Confession: I Accidentally Watched "Two and a Half Men"

I don't think I'm a Fan.

I feel as if I’ve reached a new low in terms of my television-viewing; right after Monday night football, I was aimlessly flipping through the channels and ended up accidentally watching Two and a Half Men.  I’ve never watched a full episode of the show before and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t admit it to anyone other than an infant or a friend’s pet. And I definitely wouldn’t admit it on a public forum. 


But I couldn’t resist turning Two and a Half Men on because of what I like to call the Ashton Kutcher factor. Any time one character is replaced by a totally different character on any show, it makes it all that much more interesting. The Ashton Kutcher factor makes the show much more worthwhile in light of the tragedy that Ashton and Demi are publicly going through at the moment. In fact, the timing is so perfect for the drastic change in circumstances for Ashton and Demi, that I kind of have to wonder if the show actually planted whatshername in the hot tub just to seduce poor little Ashton.

Of course, the tragic circumstances of Ashton and Demi’s marriage didn’t make Two and a Half Men any better to watch. 


So, I couldn’t concentrate much on Two and a Half Men. There wasn’t much to hold my interest in a show geared at the dumbest 20% of the American population. Ashton Kutcher looked like a non-angelic Jesus on the show, but even his transition to Jesus failed to peak my interest enough to keep me watching the show. Possibly it was his greasy and slightly longer, darker hair. Or maybe it was that I didn’t like his character on the show. The only question that I heard during the show that caught my attention at all during the entire time was: “Does she have a magic vagina?”


Since Two and a Half Men is ostensibly a family show, I wasn’t exactly sure how to take the line. The question wasn’t asked by Mr. Ashton Kutcher himself, but by Jon Cryer on the show. I couldn’t even understand the meaning of the question itself. Maybe it’s a guy thing. Since I don’t have a typical day job where people escape their cubicles and hang out at the water coolers, I didn’t have a chance to survey guys about their feelings about magical vaginas.


Any thoughts? 


(I wasn't looking when Ahston Kutcher planted the fake kiss on his co-star. Scenes like that just aren't as interesting as they used to be. I was much more intrigued by the weirdness of the magical vagina line. Of course, this is probably the last episode of the show that I'll ever watch.)