Demi Moore is Having One Bad Week

Demi Moore is Having One Bad Week

Why She Went to the Hospital and More

Demi Moore and her emergency trip to the hospital this week has been the hottest topic on the Internet.  What really happened the night her friend called 9-1-1?  What could have caused her to sabotage herself and her career with childish antics? 

More and more information seems to come out about the night 9-1-1 was called to Demi's house.  The first reports suggested that she was doing whip-its, which is inhaling the nitrous oxide out of whipped cream cans.  This is a cheap high that is typically used among teenagers who cannot get their hands on "real" drugs.  After that, it came out that she was popping Adderall, which is an ADHD drug.  This drug is commonly abused by college students who need assistance staying up or those who view it as an alternative to "harder "stuff.  Then, the media reported that Demi has been addicted to Red Bull for 10 years.  She apparently has a deal with Red Bull, and they deliver cases to her home.  It gets crazier, because people from her inner circle are suggesting that she has been drinking red bull as a meal replacement, which is an explanation for the unusually frail frame she has been sporting since before her split with Ashton Kutcher.  The final report that came out last night is directly from the 9-1-1 tape.  The person on the phone says that Demi smoked something similar to incense.  An expert who specializes in drug abuse said that the mystery substance she smoked sounds like K2, which is responsible for suicides, anxiety, impairment and ER trips for various reasons.  On the tape, the caller say that Demi was having convulsions and burning up.

So, the question is, why would she do this to herself? Why would she use drugs commonly abused by teens?  She just landed a role in Lovelace, which could have been pretty big for her career. Things actually appeared to be promising for her.  Of course, her split from Ashton must not have been easy.  He had been having an affair with a girl his own age.  This, I am sure made her feel insecure and depressed. This could be why she resorted to such juvenile drugs.  Perhaps she wanted to be younger, so she partied like a teen.  Other reports suggest that she has had a hard time since her AA sponsor died.  At a party, Demi introduced her sponsor and referred to her as her mother.  This was one person who could help her through anything, especially struggles with personal turmoil and struggles with sobriety.

Personally, I like Demi Moore.  I wish her good luck and hope that she gets the help she needs, as well as support from her friends and family.  It is always sad to see someone spiral out of control and get to this point.