Duff and Comrie Pregnant

Duff and Comrie Pregnant

Baby Boy Due in March

Disney’s previous star Hiary Duff and NHL player Mike Comrie tied the knot ion August 14, 2010 and also just recently stated that they will be having a baby boy.  Announced in August of this year, it came as a surprise since Duff had stated that she felt as though she was too young to have children.

At first, Comrie didn’t believe Duff, he stated that it seems as though she’s pregnant at least 12 times a year. Comrie was in the shower when Duff lifted up the pregnancy test and exclaimed, “Oh my god!” They both rejoiced and began to cry at this now reality. Of course, their lives will change but so far, they are both just enjoying the time they are having together preparing for their little boy.

The baby boy is due sometime in March as Duff is now entering the midpoint of her pregnancy, thinking she’s a little over four months to date. Duff has stated that she’s found the pregnancy to be very easy so far. She just hasn’t been feeling all that normal since discovering the news. So far, she hasn’t had any odd cravings or morning sickness.

Duff is working to keep in shape as she leaves LA fitness classes preparing for the birth. She is staying toned and healthy and also revealing her tiny baby bump. Duff has her eye on the future as the months are progressing and hopes to be back in the studio to record another album.  She has plans to do this prior to becoming pregnant and still wants to stay on the track to produce after the child is born.