Feeling Sorry for Leah Messer

Feeling Sorry for Leah Messer

Experiencing Ups and Downs in the Public Eye

Most of us know who Leah Messer is, and we either love her or hate her.  She has had a rough time since she got pregnant by Corey Simms.  Not only did they have whirlwind romance that consisted of breaking-up, getting back together, getting married and then divorced, but they also had to deal with health complications of one of their twin daughters.  We were able to watch them struggle to find answers about their daughter. It appeared to be a long road, and we are still without definite answers as we watch this current season of Teen Mom 2.  However, she is lucky that her daughter does not have any problems with her brain and does not appear to have any serious genetic conditions which are causing her delays. 

During the last episode, we got to watch Leah and Corey's relationship fall apart.  We were left knowing what was going to happen next....divorce.  Now, since her story has been plastered all over the gossip magazines and websites, we already know that they did, in fact, get divorced and that she has already moved on. 

In recent months, we found out that Leah was pregnant again.  It was unbelievable to most.  Did she not learn a lesson from getting pregnant the first time around?  However, it became public knowledge that she was using an IUD that failed.  I know plenty of people who have had this happen to them.  We also learned that she became engaged to a new man who would be the father to her new baby. 

If that was not enough, America was shocked to find out that Leah was pregnant with twins AGAIN!  The girl must be programmed to have twins!  In a way, I felt sorry for her because she was so young and about to have 4 kids in a relationship with a guy who seems to be fairly new.  I hate to judge so quickly, but when you are that young, relationships typically do not last for the long haul.  After the world became aware of Leah's business and left her well wishes and support, as well as much criticism, we found out that she lost the pregnancy.  I felt awful about this because no matter how young you are or what your circumstances are, it is not easy to lose a pregnancy, especially if you have already become attached.  In her case, she was already invested and excited to have twins again.  I am sure that it is extra difficult, having to cope with this in the public eye as well.

This morning, as I was reading Perez Hilton, I read that she tweeted about cheating on Corey before their wedding.  I remember seeing the preview for next week's Teen Mom 2, in which she reveals that she cheated.  This puts me off a bit, but I still feel sorry for her.  Everyone who reads the gossip websites and magazines or even watches Teen Mom 2, is going to find out and judge her, while people cheat every day and never suffer a consequence.  It is so much for a young girl to deal with; however, she brought it on herself when signed on to do these shows on MTV.  I hope that she is able to keep herself grounded and learn a lesson from these mistakes and remain one of the favorites from Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.