Gaga Destined to be Single?

Gaga Destined to be Single?


Lady Gaga recently told Vanity Fair that she fears she may die having never known marital bliss, but should we really believe this? Probably not.

Gaga already has someone in the pipeline if the reports about Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney are to be believed. Even if they aren’t true, it doesn’t really matter because stars will always have that awe that pulls in sackmates, soulmates and baby daddies. There’s no denying that being in a relationship with a star can be incredibly difficult due to the long hours and the necessity for security but they will always have an entourage that will spur a number of hookups, dates, or even spouses for stars.

This has been proven true in plenty of other relationships. For example, when Michael Douglas wanted to meet Catherine Zeta Jones, he has his publicist investigate where she would be and when and then he asked her out.

When Kim Kardashian wanted to meet Kris Humphries, she said that a friend hooked them up through a dinner party. Brad Pitt and now ex Jennifer Aniston met on a bind date that had been arranged by their agents.

The point here being that if Gaga really wanted to meet anyone – literally, anyone, it would only take a phone call to her entourage to make it happen. The question that immediately follows of course is whether or not Gaga really wanted to be married. It seems from the interview with Vanity Fair that the main reason Gaga might be against marriage is just because of the men that she dates and in that case, maybe it has something to do with Gaga herself.