Russell Brand News: Exposed Butt Crack, Sexiest Vegetarian, and New 9-Bathroom House

Russell Brand News: Exposed Butt Crack, Sexiest Vegetarian, and New 9-Bathroom House

Will Russel Brand's exposed butt crack help or hurt his career?


Russell Brand, the funny comedian who I wouldn’t marry even if he wasn’t already married, has just exposed his butt crack to the entire world while riding on his bicycle. Either he was the victim of the extremely low pants he was wearing—I have no idea how low-rider pants have stayed in fashion for so long—or he intentionally wanted to expose a piece of himself that the public doesn’t get to see so often.


I’ll let you be the judge.


Did Russell Brand who probably has Narcisstic Personality Disorder (NPD) as well as a taste for the distasteful intentionally ride his pants with his plumber butt showing or was it really an accident? He’s been known to try to get attention for himself before—remember when he put a Barbie doll in the same location? Remember when he Tweeted a pic of Katy Perry in mid-sneeze?


What do you think? Will his exposed ass crack hurt or help his career? Leave a comment with your opinion on this important issue because inquiring minds want to know.


In non-ass crack-related Russell Brand news, the comedian/actor and his wife singer Katy Perry just bought a giant 9-bathroom house in Los Angeles. The extra bathrooms will definitely be an added bonus for any of the couples’ coke-snorting friends needing an extra room in a hurry.


In addition to the exposed ass crack and the new home purchase, Russell Brand has just been named one of this year’s “sexiest vegetarian” celebrities. Don’t worry if you didn’t know that there was a “sexiest vegetarian celebrity award”; it’s just another one of PETA’s publicity stunts designed to raise awareness about vegetarianism as a lifestyle choice. If you are a vegetarian and didn’t get recognized as one of the sexiest vegetarians, don’t worry. You probably just aren’t famous enough yet.)