Snooki IS Pregnant

Snooki IS Pregnant

What is in Store for the Jersey Shore Now?

Last month, Snooki adamantly denied pregnancy rumors by going as far as stating that the rumors were hurtful because they suggested that she had a pregnant belly.  However, this week, sources have confirmed that it is in fact true that Snooki is with child.  Her and her longtime boyfriend, Jionni Lavalle are apparently over the moon with the expected new addition.  She is supposedly about 3 months along and waiting to publicly confirm the news.  While TMZ reported that she was withholding the information from the public due to superstition, Perez Hilton reported that she was waiting for the right magazine offer to come along, as Kourtney Kardashian did with her second pregnancy.

Now that the secret is out, what will happen to the Jersey Shore?  Snooki is known to be the party animal that brings much entertainment and drama to the show.  She certainly cannot party it up at Karma while pregnant, right? Maybe she can, since she has said before that she does not have to drink to have a good time.  She has also started filming a new reality show with fellow cast mate Jenny Farley (JWoww).  The show is being filmed in Hoboken and was said to center around their relationships with their boyfriends and taking the next step.  However, several media outlets have suggested that the focus of the show is going to switch to Snooki's pregnancy.  The producers have apparently already contacted a baby store in Jersey City and requested permission to film scenes in their store.  While they were hesitant, they ultimately agreed.

So, can the notoriously sloppy party girl pull it together and still entertain us while being responsible?  I hope so.  I am personally a fan of Snooki.  While I do not think that her entire persona is an act, I do think that some of it is exaggerated for the sake of entertainment.  In my opinion, her and her crazy antics are the reason why people watch Jersey Shore.  Without her, it would honestly be boring. 

Good luck to Snooki and her boyfriend.  I cannot wait to hear the official announcement and see their baby.  I am sure it will be absolutely beautiful.