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Another Day, Another Facebook Scandal

While another Facebook scandal is in the air, funnily enough, Facebook isn’t really to blame this time. Yes, they’re sort of suing someone for stupid reasons but hey, Facebook is an American company so by God, let them use their God-given American right to file a lawsuit, will you!

Apparently there are companies out on the Internets declaring that they are the “Face Book of Sex.” These serve as adult social networking sites, where I guess a poke is really a poke.

If the lawsuit was just over the name, I’d dismiss it as frivolity myself; after all, face and book are separate, and they’re also pretty generic words to use. It’s not like they are trademarked individually. Facebook claims that the companies are using their name to ride along the social network’s popularity wave, but honestly, if you’re looking for “Face Book Sex” in the search window, I’m sure a LOT of other sites are going to pop up, too.

That said, if Facebook is suing because they are ALREADY the Face Book of Sex—and aren’t they, by their own creator’s admission? Wasn’t that the original reason why it was created in the first place?—then by all means, go for it, FB. Show the world your right to pimp and pander!