March 2011

Gov. Scott Walker Sends in the Heavy Artillery

The Wisconsin Governor Takes Union-Busting a Little Too Seriously

Wisconsites, union-members, democrats, and those of us in solidarity with the unions have to watch out for new security hired by Wisconsin Governor Scott Brown. Demonstrators are urged to get full body shields for the duration of any protests and unions across the country are collecting light sabers in case the situation gets too dangerous.

Qaddafi and Sheen: On Drugs or Not?

Qaddafi, Sheen, and Fungus-Laden Rye Bread

As I’ve noted before, Qaddafi and Charlie Sheen seem to be under the influence of the same heavy narcotics which are skewing both of their realities. Both are in the media on a daily basis and both can be seen ranting almost incoherently.  Qaddafi almost seems like a caricature of himself or a middle eastern character on a Saturday Night Live skit.  It’s hard not to laugh at Qaddafi. Unfortunately, Qaddafi is quite a bit more dangerous than America’s “favorite” actor—he is counterattacking against the Libyan rebels and ordering his military to fire on ordinary civilians. Charlie Sheen just seems ridiculous.