May 2011

Another Day, Another Facebook Scandal

While another Facebook scandal is in the air, funnily enough, Facebook isn’t really to blame this time. Yes, they’re sort of suing someone for stupid reasons but hey, Facebook is an American company so by God, let them use their God-given American right to file a lawsuit, will you!

Apparently there are companies out on the Internets declaring that they are the “Face Book of Sex.” These serve as adult social networking sites, where I guess a poke is really a poke.

So, What Do the Celebrities Have to Say Now That Osama is Dead?

Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen, Russell Brand and More Speak Out About Osama's Death

Instead of the Girl on the Street interviews, which admittedly turned into an accidental mockery of all American girls on the street everywhere, I have to turn my attentions to the real celebrities answering the all-important question that is on our minds.

We know what the world leaders have to say about the Osama bin Laden kill, but what do Paris Hilton and other celebrities think about Osama bin Laden’s death? (They are, afterall, who we as Americans spend 99% of our time following.)