February 2012

Feeling Sorry for Leah Messer

Experiencing Ups and Downs in the Public Eye

Most of us know who Leah Messer is, and we either love her or hate her.  She has had a rough time since she got pregnant by Corey Simms.  Not only did they have whirlwind romance that consisted of breaking-up, getting back together, getting married and then divorced, but they also had to deal with health complications of one of their twin daughters.  We were able to watch them struggle to find answers about their daughter. It appeared to be a long road, and we are still without definite answers as we watch this current season of Teen Mom 2.  However, she is lucky that her daughter does not have any problems with her brain and does not appear to have any serious genetic conditions which are causing her delays. 

During the last episode, we got to watch Leah and Corey's relationship fall apart.  We were left knowing what was going to happen next....divorce.  Now, since her story has been plastered all over the gossip magazines and websites, we already know that they did, in fact, get divorced and that she has already moved on.